Distance Learning

About the BIBS HELP Distance Learning Handbook

On January 24, 2020, we learned that our BIBS campuses had to delay opening due to the coronavirus outbreak.  The BIBS Strategic Leadership Team, our campus leaders, and supporting department leaders began the critical work of planning a distance education program for the BIBS Community. While fully supporting the government's policy of "no school, no class," BIBS also recognized that children need the continuity of "learning." This requires a structure that the school day provides, especially after a holiday, and that they can feel as though they have a meaningful connection with the outside community without leaving home. All of these needs encouraged our team to develop a model that provides a high-quality distance learning experience for students and families.

Through much discussion, we have established the principles and standards for BIBS' distance learning. Detailed plans for each campus were developed using evidence-based and best practices to build our teachers' capacity.  Distance learning is a new way of teaching and learning, and we piloted the various tools to provide support and communications in this distance mode best. As a result of these efforts, the "HELP: BIEG Distance Learning Handbook" was written.

The original intention of the handbook is to provide a "teaching and learning" guide for teachers, parents and students. It tells you what we already understand about distance "teaching" and "learning." The handbook explains our understanding of the relationship between family, school and learners. It also explains our unified actions to ensure the realization of this high-quality education model and what the best resources are to support such a model.

However, this handbook still requires ongoing attention and improvement. We regard this as a living document, which will grow with our practice and reflection. Our efforts in providing high-quality learning experiences will not be restricted to compiling this handbook. Expect that you will receive detailed plans from your campus. You will see more learning materials and the actual lessons which they produce, and invited to give real-time feedback. 

We hope that starting from here in this extraordinarily difficult time; the BIBS community will grow as a learning community. The hope is that school and family unity creates an opportunity for discussion and actions with these actions leading to better education and a bright future for our children.


Please email us on HELP@bibs.com.cn if you have any suggestions and advice about our HELP or simply wants to share valuable moments with us.

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