Elementary School

BIBS Lower Elementary is a creative learning environment centred around the library and decicated Art facility, especially designed to deliver outstanding teaching to our students in Grades K to 2. Our children make excellent progress in their learning and enjoy a range of specialist subjects and enrichment activities in their dedicated specialist rooms and through the proximity of the Middle and High Schools.  This includes activities such as Choir, Crafts, Dance, Drama, Spanish, Music, PE, Swimming and Sports.  As an IB school delivering the PYP, we believe in a child-centred education, and we put our students happiness and development at the forefront of every decision we make about their education. Our days are designed to be fun so that learning takes place in an atmosphere of teamwork, excitement and curiosity.

There is a seamless transition from Lower to Upper Elementary and our students progress with enthusiasm to the next stage of their leaning. We aim to develop enquiring minds and an appetite for learning so our students will meet academic challenges with resilience.  All our students are taught in bright and spacious classrooms that are well-equipped and fully networked. Inter-active technology is used widely in the Elementary School and technology is used to support outstanding teaching and learning.  The Elementary school is an exciting, innovative, challenging and supportive environment where our students are encouraged to become confident, independent learners in keeping with the IB learning philosophy. Both in and out of the classroom our students are stretched and challenged. From the Scholarship Challenge Programme to the outstanding EAL, CSL and SEN support offered to those who need it, the students enjoy a caring atmosphere where joy and academic rigour are at the centre of their learning experience. For those finding aspects of the experience challenging, our teaching assistants support the learning process throughout Elementary department, helping those in need to build and re-establish confidence in their learning.

Trips are organised to support the curriculum and a wide array of extra-curricular activities provide the students with opportunities to develop their interests.  All are offered every encouragement to explore their creative talent in Music and Drama gaining confidence as they perform.  Sport fosters a spirit of cooperation and team work and plays a vital role in the wider Elementary school curriculum.

Middle and High School (MSHS) – IB Middle Years Programme

We cultivate a positive attitude towards learning from the outset that remains with the students throughout their education and beyond. We provide opportunities for everyone to be stretched academically, whilst ensuring that the necessary support is in place when required. Our students are encouraged to set aspirational targets and strive for excellence. We believe that to reach their targets, our boys and girls must feel happy and secure in school. We treat every in BIBS as an individual and have a genuine concern for their well-being. Each student’s personal tutor meets regularly to discuss any issues and concerns.  We believe that our pastoral care ensures our students are happy and enjoy school.

Academic excellence is a principle focus but our overall goal is to nurture and develop confident and resilient young IB learners, ready to face the challenges of modern life.  We aim to build character and relationships and broaden the opportunities of all our students, through a rich extra-curricular programme. The choice of clubs and activities is extensive and the quality of Music, Drama and Sport outstanding. Enthusiastic and talented teachers, together with professional coaches, work with the boys and girls to develop talents and interest beyond the classroom.

In Grade 6 to 10 our students study the broad and balanced curriculum of the MYP.  Our students graduate from the programme as fully rounded IB learners with the well developed skills that is expected of this world renowned qualification.  Their success at this level is an outstanding preparation for the Diploma Programme and the majority of our students go on to great success at the next phase of their education. 

Grade 11 & 12 – IB Diploma Programme

At BIBS, Shunyi we provide the world renowned and highly stimulating IB Diploma. Our students develop higher level thinking skills and increased independence of thought that are features of the Diploma Programme. Our students are supported on their journey of academic exploration and guided in those important decisions that shape their future. Our examination results are excellent and our scholarship programmes are challenging and enriching.

At BIBS, the Diploma Years presents great opportunities to take initiatives, to hold positions of responsibility, to serve others, to learn to lead and work in teams. The extra-curricular programme offers our students many opportunities to develop skills or to challenge themselves to perhaps try something new.

The Higher Education programme offers support and guidance for university application as well as assisting with work experience. Each year, our leavers gain places on competitive courses at a wide range of universities and Art Colleges across the world with significant numbers going overseas, principally to USA and UK.

In addition to the IB Diploma, our WASC Diploma offers a further and sometimes alternative qualification, offering access to the full range of USA Universities.