Q: How can I make an appointment to visit the school?
A: Working days from Monday to Friday. Please click here to make an appointment.

Q: How do I register?
A: You can visit our Admissions offices to collect an application pack which provides more information, or you can download the application form from the website and submit it and other materials to admissions office in respective campus. Admissions will contact you to set a date for the interview portion of the process.

Q: Can my child begin school after the semester has started and do you guarantee places for students in your school?
A: Subject to availability, students can join our school at any point throughout the academic year provided they meet the entrance requirements:
Kindergarten: Age
Elementary: Age, Language, Math, Previous records and Interview
Middle School/High School: Language, Math, Previous records and Interview

Q: Can Chinese students return to Chinese public schools if they leave BIBS?
A: Yes. Elementary students (K-6) can generally transition to Chinese public schools after leaving BIBS. Transition after Grade 6 is more difficult and not recommended.
The BIBS Middle School/High School (G7-12) is focused on preparing students for graduation requirements for entry to overseas universities.

Q: Are there any requirements on students’ nationalities?
A: No, BIBS is open to students from any countries and regions.